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Asociatia pentru Victimele Infractiunilor Sexuale

Run with us at the Legal-Half Marathon on March 26, 2023 and donate, so that together we can create #LocdeBine No. 9, a special room for hearing children at the Constanța County Court.

#LocdeBine has irreversibly transformed justice for children in Romania. We set up and equipped with new technologies eight rooms dedicated to hearing children in the prosecutor's offices near the courts of Constanța, Vâlcea, Vrancea, Sibiu, Mureș, Argeș, Bacău and Bucharest, plus an integrated center in Săftica, Ilfov (with the necessary infrastructure for interviewing children, forensic medical examination, psychological assessment and therapeutic assistance), called #LocdeAdevăr.

#LocdeBine has become a model of good practice. The concept of planning the space, but also of the integrated technologies, was donated to:

  • The Public Ministry, which will set up 30 hearing rooms for children in prosecutor’s offices throughout the country, through Norwegian funds;
  • MAI, which has already set up 44 hearing rooms for children in police units through funds according to OUG Nr. 105 / 2021.


And this is because the Association for Victims of Sexual Crimes aims at a deep and lasting transformation of the way in which child victims of sexual abuse or witnesses interact with the judicial system in Romania and receive specialized assistance from the institutions that have legal powers to oversee the interests of minors.


More and more children are and will be listened to in special, friendly hearing rooms, and Romanian prosecutors learn not only to use the child victim as a source of information, but also to support him in making disclosures, to respect him as a person with full rights and to provide the support it needs to overcome moments of crisis.


Moreover, in partnership with the Association for Victims of Sexual Crimes, the National Institute of Magistracy created a special training program for investigators of sexual violence against children. We also have a similar plan for judges and guardianship courts.


Thus, we need your help to raise 30.000 euros to develop #LocdeBine No. 9 at the Constanța County Court. A hearing room specially set up for children and equipped with new technologies, which also allow the transcription of interviews. But, in addition to the infrastructure, we also plan on doing a training of professionals with international experts. We rely on the openness of the Constanța judges, brave to pilot the NICHD protocol as a listening method, specially adapted for this purpose, a working tool truly centered on the child’s interest.

Run with us, at the Legal-Half Marathon 2023, and support children going through the major trauma of sexual abuse. How can you do that? Choose and DONATE to our cause:

Association for Victims of Sex Crimes
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