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Autism Voice


Autism Voice

Misiunea asociației Autism Voice, încă din 2008, este de a dezvolta și a oferi, la nivel național, cei mai buni specialiști și cele mai bune programe de recuperare și integrare a copiilor cu tulburări din spectrul autist sau comportamentale.

In 2023, in Romania, 40,000 children are diagnosed with autism. 1 in 54 children.

How much does this mean? Think about a school. There are 4 classrooms, 100 children. At least 4 of them are diagnosed with autism.

These are statistics. But behind these numbers are real stories.

Since 2008, we – Autism Voice Association have been working with the families behind these statistics.

In the 2 therapy centers opened in Bucharest, 400 children now receive the support and guidance to integrate into society, from specialized ABA therapy to classes with parents and teachers. To succeed, a child must be included in a specialized program with 2 to 6 hours of therapy per day. Therapy cannot be offered sporadically.

The minimum cost for a 2 hour/day program is 2,700 lei, month by month, so we set out to raise the necessary funds for our little ones.

We wish to fulfill our mission through sponsorships from companies and individual donations,

We believe that every one of us can make a change, even a small one. And little by little, this is how a better world is born. A better world for children like Diana, Marian, and Gabriel.

Thank you!